Stockholm 1986


Buddy Rich and Band

Skeppsholmens Jazzfestival, Stockholm, 1986

These pictures are presented in the order I took them. The picture named b25-st.jpg is taken just before c01-st.jpg, because I took a new roll of film and we're still in Stockholm (*-st.*).


Växjö 1977
Gävle 1986
Stockholm 1986
Kalmar 1986
Phil Leshin Pics
Jones/Garza Pics

The band in Stockholm.

Harris, Watson, Marcus.

Bowlby, Garling.

Watson, Taube, Kent.

Jake Hanna, BR.

Unknown, Al Grey, BR.

Jam session at the Castle Hotel in the evening. Jake Hanna, drums, Rolf Ericsson trumpet.


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