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Jones/Garza Pics

Bob Jones, who most kindly submitted these scans, tells us:

"Hi Roger: The photos were taken back in the mid to late 50's. They are from 8x10" color transparencies, and used in drum kit advertisements, and also on a record album cover. I worked 10 weeks in Wildwood, NJ at a place called the Mardi Gras, owned by Ben Martin, and run by his hapless son, "Chubby". I worked with a group that opened for Buddy, Ola Hanson, Kenny Drew, Phil Leshin, and Sonny Criss, and Buddy would ask me to sit in for him, when he wanted to stand up and sing. You certainly can use the scans, and let me know if I can help you in any way.

Bob Jones"

Thank you, Bob! More from Bob below!!

Roger Garza e-mailed me and said he had some pictures for us. In his letter (9/28/98) with the pix he writes:

" Roger, These are photos I took of Buddy and his band in St. Louis in 1983, I think! Buddy has always been my hero. I play drums and have my own band "The Roadrunners". We play Country, Rock and Oldies music. You have my permission to print any photo. Also sending a photo of me. You have a great website. Thanks.

Roger Garza"

Thank you, Roger!

Bob Jones mailed me again on Dec 10, 1998 with these scans! Here's his story about these pictures:

"One shot is one of the advertisements made from one of the color shots that I gave you. Another is a picture that I took, and that Ludwig used for ad ad. Buddy signed the ad to me for "sitting in". The other he just signed. More later"

I can't wait, Bob!

...didn't have to wait too long: Bob sent these pics as a Christmas gift 1998!

More pics from Bob...

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