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The new Buddy Rich Appreciation Site!


The World's Greatest Drummer:

The BRAS Discussion Forum!

Sept 30, 2009: BR, 92 years. I'm just SO glad I got to know you a little bit and I am forever deeply grateful for your encouraging words to a young drummer!!

And to all of you saying Buddy was a SOB and everything you really know about him is what you heard on "the bus tapes"! You're entitled to an opinion when you can play like he did, when you have the experience he had. I knew him - he was the kindest guy I ever met in my life. He could tell how much I loved music, the way he played it, and he liked me for that! Today, being a big band leader myself, I can understand the frustration when my name's on the billboard and people in my band can't play their parts... And that's being said from my humble level. Think about it! //Roger

(Check out my big band page, so far only in Swedish but I'm sure you'll get most of it anyway!)

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The new one! Check it out. You need to register as a member but that's not too hard, is it? At least it'll keep the board clean. I suggest we keep a nice tone towards each other and show respect to other peoples opinion.

You have another opinion of how to run it? Then hit feedback page and let us know.

Meanwhile - Let's exchange thoughts and views. Board is new, so get busy! We can always discuss subjects that may not be appropriate in other boards...

For instance - How much of Buddy's recordings should be made available ASAP? Or, how fun/interesting is it to see/hear Buddy's charts played by rock drummers?

Spammers will be deleted from board within hours! We keep the board clean, not everybody do that.

It's updated to a new, fresh, nice board - spam free!.


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MountainsAn important part of the site - my pictures.

This is why I started the site in the first place.

Here is the section with info about my friend Pelle Berglund's extensive BR collection.

This is of great interest for any BR collector. If you've got something that's not listed here - contact us, let's talk about it!


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